Beyond Share 2.1

Beyond Share is a very handy application when you want to share music and photos with your families, copy things back and forth between your multiple computers or communicate with your colleagues in an office easily.
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Make it cross-platform so a share can go from a Windows PC to Linux, Mac or Android.

Saltire, 09.07.2012, 10:19
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$30 per user is way too much. If this is to be used by home users you

guru_fordy, 09.07.2012, 09:50
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Include the ability to see the desktops all the computers on the LAN as well as access folders between each computer.

Whiterabbit-uk, 09.07.2012, 12:22
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add option to create groups of pcs; i share clipboards between 3 pcs, and my office mate shares between two. i would not like to see his pcs in my group nor have my clipboard dumped onto his pcs. and vice versa. also annoying is need options to (1) s

YitzY, 09.07.2012, 12:46
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Have visual/audible signal when transfer is being attempted; perhaps blinking icon in Notification Area. Ability to select specific network recipients with CTRL -or- SHIFT + Click. Indicator showing transfer in-progress/completed. Close to tray is t

jmjsquared, 09.07.2012, 15:38